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I would love to believe you can speak for all motives within a complex and often changing political bureaucracy. Perhaps you are in a position to explain away concrete evidence of economic espionage by the United States and the motives detailed by a former director of central intelligence:




“Why, then, have we spied on you? The answer is quite apparent from the Campbell report — in the discussion of the only two cases in which European companies have allegedly been targets of American secret intelligence collection. Of Thomson-CSF, the report says: "The company was alleged to have bribed members of the Brazilian government selection panel." Of Airbus, it says that we found that "Airbus agents were offering bribes to a Saudi official." These facts are inevitably left out of European press reports.  That's right, my continental friends, we have spied on you because you bribe. Your companies' products are often more costly, less technically advanced or both, than your American competitors'. As a result you bribe a lot. So complicit are your governments that in several European countries bribes still are tax-deductible.”


There are many more cases to choose from, yet few as straight-forward as this; a former official of the CIA says the agency justified a policy of American economic espionage because of a belief in the superiority of the American economic model. Thus economic espionage simply has to be justified somewhere within the American chain-of-command to be authorized. Never mind the irony when America says they have used government-sponsored espionage to prove that freedom from government interference is the best economic model. At least we know why and when it will happen, despite an absence of evidence from AV firms.




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It's been catchy to look at the Snowden papers and all the trojans coming out from "Western" governments and think that the 5 Eyes does espionage in an unrestricted way the way the Chinese and Russian Axis does. But they don't.

If they did, you'd see crowing reports from Kaspersky and Symantec that they found information being stolen from Russian banks to aide UK financial institutions. You'd see evidence in that M&A deals would be going weirdly well for the UK using information that clearly could only be gotten from hacking in the places Regin is found. This isn't what you're seeing. You're seeing in Regin a focus on looking at cell towers in areas where the UK is at war (Afghanistan).

While Regin clearly can be used to steal information, it's not stealing information from places where economic espionage is done. This is the opposite of what you find when you look at Russian or Chinese hacker teams, which often are clearly using the same toolchain to gather military intelligence and economic espionage. As I pointed out in my Business Insider article,  there's a big difference in the motivations and effects of the respective teams.

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