Serious XSS affecting Wikipedia

Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in thumb.php in MediaWiki before 1.23.10, 1.24.x before 1.24.3, and 1.25.x before 1.25.2 allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the rel404 parameter, which is not properly handled in an error page.

Above was an interesting XSS affecting all of Wikipedia and MediaWiki software.   It was found during manual code review.  Not much to be said about it other than failure to validate and / or sanitize input.  Great response by the MediaWiki development and Wikipedia Security team!

Multiple vulnerabilities in SecurityOnion

Let this be a reminder of the joys in programming PHP


I have started to take a look at a number of security silver bullets.  The first on my list - SecurityOnion.

Fortunately, glossing over the source, the search didn't take longer than 3 minutes to find a few web vulnerabilities.   The poor programming practice was an inherent trust in the malicious browser to do no harm. 

I will leave the exercise of finding the RCE 0days to the reader.  There exist 3 web and 11 network traffic based vectors to enact arbitrary remote code execution.

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